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House of Evangelista was founded  with the intent of bringing a new identity to the LGBT+ entertainment scene. With an expansive background in music, events production, and project management, we wisely built a massive network of renowned artists and skilled professionals in the music industry to offer unparalleled experience to our guests.

Experience is our new word for events, and that's exactly what we offer: true experiences designed with a clear concept and elevated production. We liberally invest in our vision with confidence that the outcome will add real value for our guests.

Uplifting, trendsetting, and focused on the individual. Our experiences are catered to all. We use elements trusted to elevate one's soul and transcend the common. Feel the beat, dance with the lights, be sexy, feel powerful, and be You! We just open the floor, everything else is purely You! Show your magic and be your best self.

Give back is our motto! The world is changing rapidly in so many ways. These natural and un-natural phenomena impact everyone's lives in some way or another. It is time to regroup and recoup. On that matter, House of Evangelista's social responsibility centers around collective wellbeing and individual mental health. Which is why part of our proceedings are dedicated to the psychedelic advocacy research and plant medicine education.  

#ProjectPower is a hashtag-slogan we use to build awareness and help to raise power by projecting our own power. Sometimes a misused term, power is not restrictive. It is your birthright. Power of information, power of freedom and freewill, power to build your own destiny, and power of truth. We all have it!


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